Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks, minion!

Yeah, so yesterday I had no internet access anywhere and plans in the evening that precluded stopping by friends' apartments for a quick blog (an opening of a group show in which a friend has a few pieces at this place, the website for which does not appear to have been updated since May). I called Seth, gave him access to sign in as me and told him to post any YouTube video that captured his fancy. I was pleased this morning to see that he:

A. didn't subscribe me to a bunch of blogs on doll collecting, clown fetishes or varmint hunting, which I totally would have done if I had access to his password,
B. did not follow through on his threat to post hockey playoffs from 1979 and
C. figured out for me what I'm going to be for next year's Halloween — brunettes of my acquaintance, consider yourselves all on notice to join me in transforming into The Ladies of ABBA. Your responsibilities will include wearing a bitchin' sweater and a lot of lip gloss, inexplicably and frequently widening your eyes and finding five spare minutes to learn those dance steps.


Natalie said...

What about the winking? The winking looks like it might be really hard and require lots of practice.

Michelle said...

If my Match Game '76 float idea does not materialize, I am totally taking you up on that.