Monday, November 17, 2008

Overheard in my apartment

If you had been lurking around while I was watching Twin Peaks yesterday with Anna, who is also making a crocheted ripple blanket to fit a queen-sized bed, you would have heard the following comments:

Me: "So, Laura was a full-time high school student, worked at the department store, volunteered with Meals on Wheels, was sleeping with half the town, had therapy with Dr. Jacoby, tutored Audrey's brother, hung out with that orchid enthusiast guy, wrote copiously in TWO separate diaries, did a lot of cocaine, turned the occasional trick at One-Eyed Jack's and still spent enough time with her parents, James and Donna that they had no idea about all the other stuff. I want to know her time management secrets."

Anna, wistfully, after someone placed a blanket around the shoulders of poor, dumb Shelly*: "God, everyone in this town has a completed ripple blanket."

And then we had some more spaghetti carbonara and roasted beets and cheap but drinkable wine. And it was a good evening.

*I mean, she seems sweet enough, but when Bobby Briggs is the brains of your operation, maybe it's time to rethink things. The boy is lucky he's pretty, is all I'm saying.


Gina said...

How I loved Twin Peaks! It seems that everyone in that town had incredible time management skills -- and possibly the ability to bend time and space.

Heather said...

Fun!! But I think the most amazing skill is the ability to make carbonara!! What's your secret?