Saturday, November 1, 2008

The first day

I need to figure out how to refer to this little National Blog Posting Month endeavor. NaNoWriMo rolls off the tongue, but NaBloPoMo is too long and sounds kind of stupid and I keep mistyping it, plus it's almost impossible to say it out loud in anything but a robot voice. But combinations of its component syllables are all kind of equally bad.

NaBlo: Eh. Sounds kind of like a music festival featuring bands I'm not cool enough to have heard of
NaPo: Reminds me of both Maypo and napalm, neither of which are anything I want to be involved with once a day for a month
NaMo: Not bad, sounds cutely similar to NaNo, tidily uses the first and last syllables; a contender
BloNa: When you say it out loud, it sounds like gonad
BloMo: Dirty!
PoMo: Taken
BloPo: Too similar to blowpop, which are WAY down the list of acceptable candy; as far as I'm concerned only tootsie rolls, weird dollar-store shit and circus peanuts are below them
PoNa: Vaguely dirty
PoBlo: Reminiscent of poblano peppers, which are not my favorite hot peppers
MoNa: Though the best character on Who's the Boss?, not really working for me in this context
MoBlo: Makes me want to make bad cocaine-related knock-knock jokes
MoPo: Similar to mofo, a swear I like, but that's not really enough to go on here

NaMo it is!

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