Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silver lining

I was walking to the subway a little while ago and thinking to myself that I really hoped the library was still going to be open when I got there, what with the big totebag of books I needed to return cutting off circulation to my left arm and the fact that we still don't have internet at home for a variety of dull and stupid reasons so I needed to post from here so I WIN the blog everyday thing. And then I realized that it wasn't even 1:00.

It turns out that when one of your roommates comes home loud and drunk at 5:15 in the a.m. and he and the random dude who's about to take up temporary residence on the couch wake you up so thoroughly that you can't get back to sleep, which you suspect is going to kind of suck later, since you went to sleep around 12:30, that being awake that early is like adding three or four hours to your weekend. WIN. (He was terribly sorry when I told him about it when he woke up at 12:30 and promises to do something awesome to make up for it.)

I was done with coffee and breakfast and at the laundromat at 7, when there was absolutely no competition for the dryers. I scrubbed the entire bathroom, including the floor and inside the baseboard heater. I both knit and crocheted. I read for a while. I ate some cold spaghetti carbonara that was leftover from dinner last night. I walked from Brooklyn to Queens (not as impressive as it sounds; it's about a ten-minute walk over the bridge a block away) came into Manhattan and returned some books and paid off some truly shameful late fees, browsed around, thought about what a sad group of people were flipping through the dvds on this rainy afternoon and talked to friend on the phone for a while. And it's barely 2:00 and I'm sitting in one of my favorite places in New York City, the Rose Reading Room at the main branch of the public library, where I had planned to do some research, but my poor choice of footwear means that my socks and sneakers are completely soaked — I squish when I walk — and it's uncomfortable enough that I'm going to head home and probably take a nap.

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