Monday, November 10, 2008

In which Liz's fascination with my hot rollers means that I can share the whole process.

When we went to EP's wedding a few weeks ago, I brought along my hot rollers because weddings call for fun hair and my hair, while having plenty of good qualities, is not on its own anything resembling fun.

Here I am at the beginning of the evening, looking askance at my straight, boring hair. This hair always returns library books on time and would be happy to help you pick out a Christmas present for your mother.

Action shot! (I really like this picture, how seriously I appear to be taking the hot rollering.)

This is what it looked like when we left the hotel. I just ran my fingers through it, leaving it charmingly tousled and bouncy and altogether adorable. This hair wants to hotwire a car, go dancing and and then have some cheese fries with gravy.

And this is what it looked like ten minutes later, after walking 500 yards through gale-force winds to the wedding venue. This hair just wants some wine.
It also wants the largest shrimp in the room.


Carolyn said...

you look very pretty, curls or no. ;)

Juno said...

OMG, I have the same hair. You missed an intermediate step involving Bumble & Bumble and about 50 bucks.....that will get you through dinner mostly. If you want to make it through DANCING that takes prayer and another 20's worth of product.

Michelle said...

I adore this post. And I agree with Carolyn.

Gina said...

I was recently told (at a wedding no less) that cheese fries with gravy is a "redneck thing". What on earth?

Adorable, bouncy curls require vast amounts of product and a personal stylist in tow. You are far too careful for that sort of thing.