Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Modeled spinster

All right, I take it back. This really isn't the least flattering sweater on the planet.

It's fine for what I wanted it for: a warm sweater to wear around the house over pajamas. I threw it in with a load of laundry over the weekend and it fulled the fabric nicely so the differences in gauges aren't so apparent and it gave the piece some structure. It wouldn't quite stop a bullet, but maybe an arrow. Or a bb.


Ashley Word said...

I have sweater envy. It's freezing here in Seattle today, and something like that is just what I need to get comfortable and read in my too-chilly apartment!

Gonzalinho said...

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Gina said...

That sweater is exactly what it needs to be! Great idea with the fulling.

Carolyn said...

looks super comfy!