Monday, November 24, 2008


Things I didn't have room for on yesterday's list of what I love in the world:

101. Monkeys that are smaller than the human hand
102. That scene in Jaws when they're singing on the boat
103. classic cocktails
104. so many kinds of cheese!
105. opening up your email to find a message from the one person you most wanted to hear from
106. sledding
107. hats with pom-poms on top
108. everything Anne of Green Gables ever said (bosom friends! the white way of delight!)
109. Trader Joe's
110. surprise care packages, both sending and receiving
111. natural colors of wool
112. pub trivia
113. audiobooks
114. jars full of buttons
115. 30Rock
116. bacon wrapped around just about anything
117. tweed jackets with suede or corduroy elbow patches
118. feisty old ladies
119. zip lines
120. vinegar
121. dusky blues and purples
122. ballet flats
123. the theme song to '80s cartoon The Gummi Bears

124. Thai iced coffee
125. Sherlock Holmes


Heather said...

I'm totally addicted to these lists now. I drove home from work today thinking about whether I could do one on Facebook EVERY DAY and also justifying it to myself by thinking about how it would make me a better person.

Also I reserve the right to steal some from your lists. Like opening your email to find a message from the one person you most wanted to hear from.

And monkeys smaller than the human hand. I can't get over those monkeys.

Tom said...

This post is so old, but I have to say, Gummi Bears was totally my favorite cartoon! I can still remember the song. Of course, it was one of the few cartoons in English where I grew up, so I kind of had to watch it, but still, its a classic!

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