Monday, December 7, 2009

Easiest bread EVAH

Since I've been casting an eye ahead to the move, I've been trying to use up what food I have on hand and have gotten down to what can only be described as the dregs. Happily, though, I still have a decent supply of flour, salt, and yeast and this bread doesn't need anything else other than water. I used the measurements from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything, where it's called something like Easiest and Best French Bread.Flour, yeast, salt, water, kneaded and plunked in a bowl for the first rise

After about two hours

I lifted the dough ball rather gingerly out of the bowl and laid it on a floured countertop, where I cut the whole thing in half, rolled the halves into logs, and each log into quarters. The ends of the logs became rounds and the middles were rectangles.
I covered them with a clean tea towel and left them alone for an hour.

Post-baking. I didn't let them get too brown because I knew I'd be reheating anything I didn't eat immediately in the oven and didn't want to overdo it.

Ready to be swaddled in a tea towel.

One spectacularly delicious ham and cheese sandwich.

And, for dessert, butter and honey. I also, like a small French child, really love butter and jam on hot bread, but I used up my jam already and am not buying more until after I'm settled in the new place.

And there is a new place! I will not have to take to the internet, begging for couch space! I've already commenced Beta Move, in which I carry over a couple totebags of stuff at a time, with Actual Move to happen sometime later this month.


Anonymous said...

OH that look GOOD! Congrats on the new pad and, I'm sure, a better situation. Happy moving!

Natalie B said...

I am so hungry right now, and your bread looks so good! officially putting that book on hold in the library

Martha said...

In MD I grew up eating honey butter. I now have my daughter hooked on it too. Just take a pat of butter and some honey in a small dish and swirl a knife around like crazy. It makes a kind of whipped honey/butter combo. Your yummy bread made me want some!

I'm really glad you found a place to live!