Friday, October 24, 2008

What to wear to this wedding?

So, tomorrow night I'm going to the wedding at which the bride is going to be wearing this shawl that I knit for her:
Now I just need to figure out what *I'm* going to wear. I know which dress — it's one I bought last year for another friend's wedding — but not what I'm going to wear with it. I won't necessarily have the jacket or shawl on the whole time, but I definitely want to have an extra layer with me.

My choices are whimsical and possibly ever so slightly demented, definitely a batty old aunt in the making, with a handknit Sgt. Pepper jacket (don't worry about colors; the off-whites all look fine together outside of my closet):
or I can play it a bit safer and go sophisticated and elegant and just a little goth-y with a black lace shawl:
Either way, I'll be wearing black fishnets and heels with it. I'm not going to decide now; will bring both and make a game-time decision once hair and makeup are in place — hot rollers will be involved — but feel free to chime in if you'd like to have a say.

There's a third, somewhat wussier option, which is to wear the shawl to the wedding and bring something along that would go with the Sgt. Pepper jacket for the brunch on Sunday. I'm just not sure that I'm going to be the equal of such an, ahem, aggressive item of clothing so early in the day.


Michelle said...

I think shawl. But then I tend toward the elegant and sophisticated for weddings.

Ashley Word said...

I am beyond in love with that dress. I'm leaning towards the shawl just by looking at it on the hanger, but I like the idea of the funky sweater more. If it's cut narrow and still shows off the dress, I say be bold and go for it--especially with curly hair. That'd be adorable!

Gina said...

Hmm... I'm not sure I like the shawl with the dress. There's something off about the balance and texture of the shawl vis-a-vis the dress. I do think that Sgt. Pepper with a pair of slinky black jeans is a much for the post-wedding breakfast.