Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today, you will have to read about what I dreamed last night

My internet at home is still down, so I don't have any pictures to show and don't want to talk about stuff I've been making if you can't SEE it.

It was a highly entertaining dream at least.

It opened on me sitting in a paint-your-own-magnet studio*, carefully painting my old roommate's name (Jason) and some flowers on a small, square magnet. I was telling someone nearby that Jason had some very important information that I needed to get from him and I was going to bring him this magnet so he would tell me whatever it was. The person, quite naturally, asked if he really made people bring him a magnet whenever they needed a favor. I said no, but that I was doing it as a sign of respect,** that it would say "I spent my time making this for you; please grant me some of YOUR time in return."***

On my way to meet him, I decided to stop in a cafe and get Jason some of his favorite Nutella pancakes to further soften him up.**** I had to show the waiter where they were on the menu and muttered to myself that I couldn't believe the menu wasn't organized alphabetically.***** I wasn't planning to get anything for myself, but the waiter told me that they had three pudding specials that morning and I got pretty excited because I do love pudding. They were:
1. Suet pudding,
2. Something with a long Spanish name that he said would involve me adding the flour****** myself at the table. It seemed highly suspect.
3. A dish he called "The Sleeve," which seemed to be a tall, narrow plastic bag filled with (possibly) vanilla pudding to which I could add all sorts of dried fruit and candy and whatnot.

I ordered the suet pudding. I thought it might be interesting.

While I waited for our order, I was sitting at a table with a woman who was writing out a list of yarn company names and whispering, "Yes, Tahki. Good." to herself. I didn't feel like talking about yarn and ignored her.

Then the pancakes were ready, so I left and headed off to the gay dance club where we were supposed to meet. It was called Norah's, was located under a bridge and apparently operated during brunch hours.******* I got inside and found him, but woke up before I presented him with my gifts or found out what the hell I needed to know from him.

And then I laughed my ass off and forced myself to remember as many of the details as possible.

And really, I had a pretty quiet night last night, nothing to trigger strange dreams. I went home straight from work, made a quick dinner about which I would post on the other blog if I could have emailed photos, talked to my roommate for a while about his girl troubles while we watched a little baseball and he humored my terrible questions ("They're allowed to bounce the ball off the ground?" "No, it's a weird camera angle."), then he did a dry run for me of a presentation that he had to do for one of his classes today on a theory of literary criticism involving "horizons of expectation." Then he went out and it was pretty much just me on the couch with my knitting and some tea until I went to bed early with a book. Oh, actually, there was also an episode of texting with a quite-drunk ex-boyfriend (at 7:30 on a Wednesday. my taste, it is impeccable.) who announced that he was coming over right away. I told him that I hadn't showered and was already in my pajamas [it was true.] but that I would be happy to make him some hot cocoa if he wanted to watch a movie. Shockingly, he never showed.

** In real life, Jason is extremely handsome, unfailingly polite and quite tall. I'm pretty sure that when my mom met him, she was having visions of our babies until I told her he was gay. The Halloween we lived together, he put powder in his hair and made a credible Anderson Cooper. I ran into him on the subway a few weeks ago and he's as sweet as ever. Apparently in my dream, however, he was the Godfather.
***That's a direct quote. My dreams frequently have a lot of dialogue.
****I don't think he ever mentioned either Nutella or pancakes to me.
*****Because alphabetically ordered menus are the standard?
******? Also: gross.
*******I don't think this really exists.


Juno said...

This is very amusing. I dreamt I was involved in political negotiations in Thailand regarding the recent unrest...all in my ratty red terry robe.
Aldo, since he is EX not current, I think your taste is indeed impeccable.

Have I made you look at Nourish Me? Or did I get Nourish Me from you in the first place. You should look at it, or accept my thanks, whichever suits better.

Carolyn said...

you are cracking me up, girl. i dreamed about me and my future husband. WHAT ELSE. in this particular dream, it was quite early on in our courtship.