Friday, October 17, 2008

One-armed spinster

The Spinster Sweater continues apace. I was hoping, just for the sake of it, to have this finished in under a week — I started last Saturday afternoon — but I don't think that's going to happen. I mean, I suppose it could, but I do have other stuff I want to do this weekend.
This sweater feels like something I would wear if I had a different life. I think it's the rustic nature of it; it makes me think of thatch-roofed cottages and entering my gladiolas in the county fair and wearing a tiara while I hang the laundry out. I'm pretty sure it has transformative powers.


Carolyn said...

I totally picture you wearing a long suede skirt and army green wellies with this. as you gather armfuls of tulips and apples from your garden. on a fall day. in the countryside. ;)

Juno said...

This made me laugh and laugh. Mostly because any tiara that crosses my path ends up on my head. And why not?

Better make it a long tweed skirt though, the damp will ruin that suede.