Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On the whole, her majesty is displeased.

Things that have pleased me in the last, say, 18 hours:
-The post-punk station on Pandora.

-Trader Joe's Belgian Chocolate pudding.
I love it so much that I was going to give it a dedicated post, but I'm putting it here instead. Trust me on this one.

-Last night, I had the first hot whiskey of the season: an inch of whiskey in a mug, the juice from half a lemon, a big spoonful of honey, filled to the brim with boiling water. Heaven in a glass and the perfect libation for cool nights in drafty apartments. It also pinkens my cheeks most fetchingly.

-I slept the sleep of the innocents, most likely because of the hot whiskey, and woke up early, alert and refreshed.

-I'm really liking the book I'm reading: In the Woods by Tana French.

Some of the things that have displeased me:
-I tried on the spinster sweater (so named because it's all handspun yarn, and because it seems like a sweater for living alone in a cottage somewhere) and it looks pretty awful, the most unflattering garment this side of high-waisted jeans. It's almost done though, so I'm going to finish it and wash and block it and see if it looks any better. It doesn't really matter, since it'll be warm regardless, but STILL. And it didn't help much with yarn using-upedness, since I still have a lot leftover. WOE.

-There was some weird juju in the apartment last night that led to my roommate's girlfriend starting a grease fire in the kitchen (luckily, it was contained to the pan and eventually burned itself out, but I had a couple of scary moments where I was trying to remember whether you're supposed to throw baking powder or baking soda on a grease fire and then realizing that all of my baking supplies were in the cabinet over the stove and I'd have to reach over the inferno to get either one and kicking myself for continuing to put off getting renters' insurance; the correct answer is baking soda, btw), my roommate knocking over and shattering a large mirror in the living room that we think was left by a previous roommate, and our internet service going down completely this morning, rendering me incapable of making the pictures go from my computer to ALL of the computers.

-Bad Co-worker #3 took home all of the (awesome) leftovers from an office party yesterday that everyone had agreed to split for lunch today. The main thing I was looking forward to was the roast chicken that our Puerto Rican office manager's mother's boyfriend had made, complete with a TOP-SECRET blend of spices. BCW3 didn't even ask, just walked out with the whole trayful last night. Inconsiderate bastard.

-I made an almond butter and jam sandwich this morning to bring to work as a snack and, when I was putting the bread away, realized that all four of the remaining slices were moldy. I looked at my sandwich: no mold. I ate it for lunch anyway (since the lunch I was counting on wasn't there, NOT THAT I AM SUPER PISSED OFF ABOUT THAT OR ANYTHING), hoping that any loose spores would either be benign or beneficial, like taking penicillin in its raw form, and would maybe protect me from the creeping crud that everyone in New York seems to have right now. I don't usually worry about this kind of thing, since I tend to assume that stomach acid will kill off pretty much anything that needs killing, but still. Did I really need to spend a couple of idle moments today wondering if tiny mold creatures were going to multiply and colonize my body, wreaking havoc on any defenseless humans in their path? No. No, I did not.


Anonymous said...

Food safety is over rated. You felt fine aftwards, so kudos.

I'd find some way to get even with bc#3 for being a dork or the highest magnitude. Don't mess with people's food...

Carolyn said...


dude. you are awesomely funny when you are pissed. that whiskey drink sounds yummy except for me not being a whiskey drinker. but i'm thinking of starting. if i drink a little whiskey every night, eventually i will get used to the taste right? my dad suggested i start with bushmills, a good first whiskey.

by "unflattering" and "awful", what exactly do you mean? :) i mean, is it unflattering in the shape of it? could you just you know sew some seams/shaping into it with the sewing machine later?

my baking soda and baking powder also live in the cabinet above the stove! uh oh!!!!

Carolyn said...

p.s. i agree with silvia. wrap the moldy pieces of bread up so they look appetizing and leave in the work fridge with a big note "to be shared by everyone." that should ensure that he takes them home and eats them.

Michelle said...

hot whiskey sounds soooo good, even if (especially because?) it is 2:06 pm right now.

I just started reading In The Woods too! I LOVE it. LOVE.

robin said...

in the future, i would leave the bread adjacent to the moldy bread alone...theoretically mold spores spread their infinitely small tentacles everywhere once they get going. i do not think this is going to hurt you.

i've done it before myself to no ill effect but i don't make a regular practice of it.

freezing the bread before it gets to that state is always recommended! i freeze bread bc
a: keeps sandwiches cold until lunch
b: tastes better
c: doesn't go bad
d: if you end up with tons of bread in the freezer you can always make bread pudding.

Carolyn said...

oh and p.s. I believe that, like cheese, you can just cut the moldy part out of bread and the rest is fine.

I have tested this theory. Many many times.

I have bowed to keeping bread in the fridge because I can't eat it fast enough.

But I HATE it. HATE COLD BREAD. Don't always want it toasted but don't want it to start out cold either.

claudia said...