Monday, October 20, 2008

What I did this weekend

The spinster sweater has two sleeves and some length on her now:
I thought I'd use up all of both batches of these yarns by knitting this, but there's still an awful lot in the bag and there's only so long I can make a sweater if I intend to actually wear it. At this point, it's 10" long from the armhole. I don't want it to be longer than 16-17". Maybe I'll make a scarf to match, but with different widths of stripes. It might be right on the edge between zany and insane, but I think it'll stay on the side of the angels.

I finally got around the putting my bucket hat through a load of laundry and it fits perfectly now.
And after:
It's not quite felted, but it's denser and tighter and a bit fuzzier. The pattern is here and the yarn was just odds and ends I pulled out of a bag of scraps. It's three strands of sportweight yarn throughout, mostly merino with one strand of cashmere. I love it. I usually can't stand wearing hats with brims; they make me feel oddly claustrophobic. This one doesn't limit my field of vision though, so it works.

In between knitting and laundry and returning library books like the 80-year-old woman that I am, I went to see the Gothic fashion exhibition at the FIT museum. It's really great. They clearly had a ball putting it together. The exhibition design is super fun, with goth club kids styles behind almost-mirrored glass and a circular grouping behind a spiked fence in the center of the room and props like walls and veils to obscure and reveal the revelers. It could easily have crossed into kitsch, but doesn't. I'll have to go back to read the labels and take a closer look at the clothes because it was really crowded when I was there, but there's time; it's up into February. And so, so worth it if you're in the area.


redsilvia said...

That is a very cute T! Gotta love the Target.

Why is it a spinster sweater? I can't figure that out.

Gina said...

Is it a spinster sweater because it's yarn you spun yourself? The hat is adorable, and it's very retro/cloche.

robin said...

you look so cute in hats!