Friday, October 24, 2008

Best Twitter-er ever

Laura Ingalls parody

Maybe it's just because I read all of the books over again in the last month or so and all of the references are as clear in my mind as the water that runs off when the cheese is ready, but this is cracking. me. up.

So many favorites!
  • That lady governor from Seward's Folly spent an awful lot at the dressmakers and still she claims she isn't a town girl. Such nerve!
  • I hope that the De Smet Literary Society shall invite @hodgman to come recite his great knowledge & compete in one of our spelling bees!
  • I know my doll isn't really a doll, just a corn cob wrapped in a handkerchief. So why won't it STOP STARING AT ME?
  • Ma goes on and ON about how Pa could span her waist with his hands when they first married. Bet my hands could span her NECK just fine.
  • Poked my own eye w/ the dash of the butter churn last night. I am a half-pint of idiocy.
  • What a day. I curled my bangs with my slate pencil for this?
  • Anything more than 140 characters is a waste of lamp kerosene anyway.

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Carolyn said...

Oh.My.God. that is hilarious. side-splittingly hilarious.