Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday flower report

I have a feeling this is going to be a regular thing around here, this posting of photos on Monday of what I saw at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden over the weekend. I went Saturday morning hoping for lilacs and was not disappointed.
Screw Disneyworld. This is the happiest place on Earth.

But I hadn't realized the peonies, which I adored, would be blooming too.

Nor that the tulip garden had such a varied and stunning range of blooms (and fans).

I crossed a part of the lawn I hadn't been on before and saw this set-up from a distance. The part of my subconscious mind that believes in magic was all, 'oh, that must be the mailbox for whoever lives in that tree,' before my rational mind caught up and was like, 'DUH, brain. They would just leave the mail at the front gate.'
(The actual purpose that little stump-on-a-post serves is so prosaic and antithetical to anything approaching magic that I can't even bring myself to type it out.)


Linda said...

I love the photos! I may have to drag DH there when next we head to NY. Thanks for sharing.

kmkat said...

Blogger needs to supply an app for smell-o-blog. I love the fragrance of lilacs.

jenn j said...

It's all so gorgeous!

And that stump on a pole looks so fantastic and magical, especially next to that great tree. I'm just going to think up some really amazing thing for it to do and ignore the fact that it might actually have some prozaic use.