Thursday, August 19, 2010

File under: who knew?

One of my co-workers is wearing a pair of very adorable t-strap wedge sandals today and when we all exclaimed over them and asked where she got them — this is the kind of office where no detail passes without comment — she said the Bass outlet and that they cost next to nothing. And I was like, huh, I haven't thought about Bass shoes in a while.* Let's see what they're up to.

Turns out what they're up to is making some very cute shoes with perfectly reasonable price tags. Of course, I really like men's-style oxfords on women, the way they add some gravitas to what could be an overly girlie outfit or dress up a very casual ensemble, so their offerings suit my tastes. Plus, I walk at least three or four miles a day just getting to and from work, which means I need sturdy, comfortable, yet still somewhat professional-looking footwear for all seasons and weather. (This summer, I'm all about my black patent Birkenstock Gizehs. Not especially flattering, but tolerably jolie laide and perfect for walking.)

I think the first ones below are my favorites. Love the wingtip details, though I'd paint the grommets black so they're not so shouty. The white and gray ones are adorable, but too summery for the fall/winter, which is all I'm interested in right now. The heels are great, though I don't wear heels all that often these days, what with the lots of walking and all. They'd suit the kind of dresses I like though, and I do occasionally go places other than the office. I don't know if I'm going to be buying any shoes for a little while (I had a bit of an accident on the Doc Martens site yesterday), but I'm going to keep these in mind. The wingtips especially fit in exactly with the kind of style profile I'm thinking about for the fall, once the weather cools down and I'm willing to care about clothes/anything again.
*I spent the summer of 1997 working at a Bass outlet in Maine with my friend Karen, along with a bunch of guys who lived at something called The Opportunity Farm. Karen and I lived with a couple of hippie dudes I knew and a revolving population of Sierra Club employees and slept on the linoleum floor(!) of what might have been a large closet. Occasionally, one of the guys would bring home a paper bag filled with live lobsters. I sewed a quilt by hand that summer that I still use now. Good times.


Gina said...

How funny! One of my go-to pairs of shoes are tan wedges I bought at a Bass outlet in Seattle, WA several years ago.

edgertor said...

clarks is also trying to shift in a similar manner...the clarks originals line in particular. Most of which seems to be avail in the UK (i look on uk ebay).