Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steps for finishing a frog

1. Stuff his sad, limp legs.

2. Stuff his adorable, stubby little arms.
3. And sew in place.

4. Make him some organs. The pattern calls for needlefelting various colors of roving, so I raided a friend's fiber stash, since I have a pretty limited selection of colors on hand.

5. When needlefelting proves tedious and ugly, spin the fiber and knit wee organ-ish shapes.

6. Lay them out to figure out some sort of order.

7. Start sewing in place.

8. Layer the organs on top of each other, making sure to pile the intestines up in a somewhat realistic fashion.
And you're done! This really might be my favorite thing I've ever knit. It was fiddly and annoying to be sure, but I so love it.

Pattern here. The main frog body was in Frog Tree sportweight alpaca, not sure of color number, but the most vivid green melange. I still need to get a frame for him and give him a name.


Heather said...

I am just in complete and utter awe of this and might kill someone in order to have a frog of my own!

Don't you want to make one for me? Say yes, PLEEEEEEEEASE!! I'm sure we can work something out... my first-born child?

Martha said...

You totally rock with your frog! That is probably the most fun project I've seen since people were knitting the wigstock hats.