Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thursday: 7 awesome things edition

1. This dress in a Brooklyn shop window. It's the first quilt-y garment I've seen that looks fresh and fun and kind of wholesomely hot instead of tired and sad and forced.

2. If you laugh under the tracks of the 7 train near 40th St. in Queens, the echo is FANTASTIC.

3. A couple of highlights from the fantastic Robyn Hitchcock/Decemberists show at Radio City last night:

4. I've finally gotten most of my stuff up on the walls in my room. I just need to finish and frame the dissected frog.

4. My aloe plant has spawned! You can just see the tips of the wee aloe babies poking up through the soil. This makes me absurdly happy.

5. Bacon-wrapped hot dog with cheese. Oh yes.

6. Seeing a friend's band playing in a bar basement. One of my very favorite things is punk covers of non-punk songs and these guys did a slammin' "Be My Little Baby."

7. Ceramic cats in an antiques store in Narrowsburg.


HollyLynne said...

Hello! Here via Moose's OOTLS. RE: #4, I adore how you have those trays up on your walls! We just recieved one (the Skylark tray) as a wedding present. Perhaps it is destined to be hung on our wall as well :)

Carolyn said...

fun stuff. :)