Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Green-Wood! Again!

I really love bringing people to Green-Wood for the first time. I see something new everytime I'm there. The friend who came with me this past weekend commented on how well the graves were integrated into the landscape, which is something I suppose I had noticed but never articulated.

There's always some interesting flora and fauna.
The geese were taunting that egret like you wouldn't believe. It remained undaunted.

This gravestone was being eaten by a tree.

The deceased must have been a Seeker:

As much as I was tickled by this...
...I really liked this juxtaposition even better.

That is quite a middle name you've got there, Sir Basil.
And an interesting choice for an epitaph.

Speaking of interesting choices,

While we were walking around the perimeter, I saw this sweet lady in the window of one of the streets that bordered the cemetery.
And I didn't really know what to make of this:

And then, since we'd be hiking around for a couple of hours by that point, we retired to Eurotip for goulash and spaetzle and beer.


Curry said...

Soundslike a day well spent!

Gina said...

Whomever thinks that cemetaries are spooky has visited the wrong ones.