Monday, June 8, 2009

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Yesterday, I went out to Governor's Island for the Jazz Age Lawn Party, which was a delight. Great music, fabulous outfits, dancing, picnicking. Good times.
This dapper gent was carding people at the hooch tent.

There was a zombie invasion at one point. It could have been funny, but the execution was pretty lame.

Other highlights of the weekend:
Lunch with one of my best friends from high school and her husband. We hadn't seen in each other in probably close to three years.
A traditional Hawaiian feast prepared by my roommate's visiting family. Lomi-lomi, poi, ahi, chicken long rice and kalua pig. So freaking good.Hanging out with different configurations of roommates and each other's friends and marveling at how well everyone meshes and how much I like all these people.
Walking around Queens with Zoe, the entire borough mysteriously empty of ice cream trucks (even near parks and playgrounds! on a hot summer night!) when we both just really wanted a rocket pop. Caramel and cheese empanada from Mama's. Blew my freaking mind.


Curry said...

Caramel and cheese empanda - never had such a thing. Sounds divine!

Carolyn said...

what an awesome weekend. and you look brilliant jazz-age style. :)

Gina said...

You look fantastic. I've wanted to attend this, but I miss it routinely.