Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday in the park with Stephanie

Yesterday afternoon, I headed over to Prospect Park to stomp around on the trails a bit, play with my camera and get some fresh air. My most exciting moment was when I got to within ten feet of a red-tailed hawk, who was right about eye-level on a tree right next to the path. We looked at each other for a few moments, then I went for the camera and he flew straight at my head, just veering off at the last minute, missing me by two feet or so.

I really love these bleak mid-winter landscapes, the quality of light, the long shadows, the way the bones of the trees assert themselves without all of those pesky leaves getting in the way.
The patterns in the ice:
Ever been given a come-hither look by a swan?
Now you have.
There's a sense of discovery, a feeling that you're stumbling upon a secret garden, that's missing most of the year.
I liked this guy's feathered pantaloons:
And judging by the look on his face, I think it's safe to say he thinks they're pretty snazzy himself.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics. This is the best time of year for walks, I think. That hawk, though, must REALLY not want to be photographed. Yikes.

Carolyn said...

in your almond paste searches, did you see this post?

Anonymous said...

You are apparently a hot lady bird considering all your recent bird comeons. There are worse things.

Martha said...

I was letting my chickens out the other day when I noticed a red tailed hawk in the tree in my yard. They are so amazing aren't they? I kept the chickens in though because they would have been a tasty treat for monsieur hawk. I think the hawks have moved in to take care of the recent Smith Street rodent population boom. Gotta love nature!

Was that a great blue heron in your photo?

Gina said...

Those photos are Prospect Park? Wow! It's an absolute urban oasis.