Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's post the second

So, how'd I do on everything I set out to do this morning? Medium-well, I'd say.

I did manage to get at least a few minutes' work in on each of my current active projects.
The ripple blanket:
A bright green Gretel:
The least blog-friendly knitting project of all time, which is probably why I haven't mentioned it before, a fingertip-length black cardigan done entirely in 1x1 rib:
Amelia, which is about an inch and a half shy of the armhole.
And two spinning projects, some grey Romney/kid mohair from Fantom Farm:
and some merino/alpaca, which is slippery and slow and tedious to spin, but terribly pretty:
I had planned to at least cast on for one of Amelia's sleeves as the new project started, which I still may do, but I'm not going to start anything more ambitious than that.

I ate leftover Christmas cookies for breakfast. These are the famous cookies my aunt makes ever year. She has always refused to give out the recipe, but seems to be cracking a bit under the weight of our pleading — this year she did tell me how to make the filling and confessed that a written recipe exists, but it's in Hungarian and doesn't specify amounts.
I did walk over the bridge, though not all the way over, since it was freezing and in the opposite direction of where I was headed.
The Manhattan skyline, viewed over the shockingly polluted Newtown Creek.
Then I walked over to Alex and Anna's for a little New Year's Day hanging out with a handful of friends. I managed to play with my new camera some on the way. I'm having fun with it so far, but have barely scratched the surface of what it can do.
Anna made hoppin' john and collards for luck, along with cornbread and excellently spicy bloody marys. I'm still stuffed from that, so haven't done any of my own cooking today, but I did make coffee and will count that.
What else? I'll read before I go to sleep, as I always do. I haven't worked on the book today and probably won't, haven't made any phone calls, though I still might. All in all, if this day turns out to be representative of the rest of 2009, I'll be a pretty happy girl.

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Gina said...

The day looks like a success to me. You had good times, saw good friends, and you ate good food. I think it's a smashing start!