Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Pulaski in the snow

I usually walk over the bridge near my apartment at least once each weekend. If I need to get into midtown, it's much easier to take the 15-minute walk and catch the train on the other side than to take the closer train and a more convoluted route. It spans, pretty much exclusively, active industrial areas, which I really dig from a visual perspective.Who knew toxic waste barrels could be so cheerful?

I have a genuine affection for these little (what I assume are some kind of) industrial fans.
It's entirely possible that their varying sizes and vaguely anthropomorphic shape make me think of a group of friendly, roof-dwelling robots.
Here they are in a larger setting:

I was struck by the way the cranes seem to be emerging from the fog, as if coming together to form a crane army. The streetlamp is clearly the leader. I wonder what he's promised them...

She has no interest in any such nonsense.


claudia said...

I really like your pictures. Making the usual, unusual.

Carolyn said...

you and my friend Tracy would go on a great photo walk together. she is all about the industrial. ;)

Martha said...

I love your photos of the fans. Black and white images by chance.

好文 said...
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