Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday scarf

I finished the sunday scarf (on Saturday, inappropriately enough) and would call myself medium-pleased with it.
A lot of the drapey and ruffly qualities were lost when I washed it (in the pattern, she warns not to block it, but it desperately needed to be washed and I didn't do anything more strenuous than soak, blot dry and lay out flat) The shape is on the long and narrow end of the spectrum even though I increased to 49 stitches instead of 36. I prefer my scarves to be wider and less long, but it's still very nice and comes to a fetching little point at the back.

I did happen to finish another scarf project on Sunday, which still needs to be blocked, but has been such a long-term off-again-on-again project (at least a year, likely closer to two) that I'm just thrilled to have it off the needles. Modified North Sea Shawl in Knitpicks Gloss.

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