Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cardigan of my dreams

I can't tell you how often I'm getting dressed or thinking about what I'm going to wear to some event and reach for my fingertip-length, shawl-collared, wraparound black cardigan — only to realize that I don't own one. I'd been looking for the exact right pattern for months and finally decided to suck it up and spec it out. The schematics from this pattern came in handy to avoid having to reinvent the wheel, since I liked the general silhouette and fit. I narrowed the upper back by several inches and adjusted the fronts so they'd overlap even without the ribbing.
For the sleeves, I'm employing one of my favorite tricksy knitting techniques: Barbara Walker's seamless, set-in sleeve caps from the top down. It's spelled out in Knitting From the Top and is GENIUS for perfectly fitted set-in sleeves. Basically, you pick up stitches around the armhole (she tells you to figure out how many you need and pick up exactly that many. I pick up 3 out of every 4 stitches and then work a round to adjust the number — less crazy-making, less chance of gaps or bulges) and then work short rows. Sounds complicated, but isn't. Granted, even with some interesting techniques thrown in, black stockinette isn't the most thrilling knitting experience a girl can have, but I want this damn sweater — this exact one — and I will have it. The end.

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Carolyn said...

oy it's gonna be awesome