Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recent knitting

I made these fingerless gloves last week out of some handspun silk/merino. Odds are, if you saw me at Rhinebeck I was wearing them:
They were pretty quick to work up and I was happy with them until they stretched out after a couple days of wear and I passed them along to a friend with larger hands. I'll make more though; those few brief days we had together sold me on the usefulness of fingerless gloves for keeping warm while being able to manage my metrocard or ipod or keyboard on the days the building owner decides not to heat our office.

I also finally started a project that has been on my list for ages, Kilronan, from Alice Starmore's Celtic Collection. I've been wanting to make a long black, cabled turtleneck for a while, and I like the way the ribbed waist gives this one a little more interest. I'm going to make it more fitted at the bust than this, but the side panels are a simple knit-purl pattern, so it'll be easy to make changes there.
This is the picture I took last week and then forget to post:
But since then, I've finished the cabled part on the ... lower back part (skirt? peplum?) and started the ribbing.

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