Thursday, September 10, 2009


First glove down, second underway. I raced through the first one because it was the first glove with fingers I'd ever done and I was very curious to see how it all came together and if I'd be able to knit all of those fiddly little fingers without having holes between them or driving myself crazy.

And it turns out that knitting gloves is exactly as fiddly and annoying as I'd predicted, but worth it because I'll wear them all the time when it gets cold out. I really like the longer cuff and the cable detail.
Full write-up when I finish the second, but here's the pattern if anyone is interested.


Natalie B said...

lovely! good idea with the long cuff... I hate it when my gloves slip out of my coat sleeves

Carolyn said...

that glove looks awesome!!! :)