Friday, September 18, 2009

Current knitting

After I realized that I either had or was set to rip out pretty much everything I've knit over the last few months, I picked up the North Sea shawl I started, I don't know, a year ago?
I stopped working on it because I was deeply bored by it, but I want to wear it as a big scarf all winter, so picked it up again and have actually really been enjoying working on it. I added three (I think?) repeats to the first side and should probably add to the center section to balance it out before starting the other side. I'm not going to block it out too aggressively, so wanted to make sure it was long enough. KnitPicks Gloss, silk/wool, #5 needles(?). You can't tell from this photo, but it's actually quite nice.

The tonal-striped handspun sweater is proceeding apace after being ripped back entirely. I have one completed sleeve, one 2/3 done sleeve and a body underway. It's a funny thing — I can't see the stripes while I'm working on it because the yarns are too similar, but when I step back and get some distance on the fabric, it's like magic.

This sweater, on the other hand, is about to be ripped out completely. Not because I don't like it, but because it's just way too big. It's two strands of fingering weight alpaca and knit at a relatively relaxed gauge, which means that it's going to stretch out even further. So I'll redo it in a smaller size and it'll be better for it. By scaling down, I should have plenty of yarn for the whole thing without having to add in the extra black.
Man, it looks like a big pile of crap, doesn't it? It won't next time, mark my words.

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