Friday, September 4, 2009

Fourth time's the charm?

So, in the middle of July I started a sweater. It was going to use up some odds and ends of handspun and be homely and cozy and altogether wonderful. I whipped through the body and sleeves pretty quickly but had some missteps on the yoke.

Misstep the First: Multi-yarn seed stitch
Eh. It wasn't pleasing me. The texture seemed too much, too different from the body and I didn't love it.

Misstep the Second: Multi-yarn slip stitch pattern
I liked the texture better, but the color just seemed to stand out too much and be too different and too obvious and just generally displeasing. Also, I realized that I had way more yarn than I was going to be able to use up and decided to limit it to some subtle, almost tone-on-tone stripes instead.

Which led to Misstep the Third, which was more of a roaring success than a mistake, but still resulted in me ripping out the whole thing.
I loved the subtle stripes. LOVED THEM. And when I looked at the amount of yarn I still had left at that point right there, with only the neckband and front bands to go, I realized that I could have done the whole sweater in those stripes. The lighter yarn is a bit sparkly, which isn't too obvious, but you can still see it and it's unexpected and fun and super.

Also, when I tried it on (forgive the terrible photo) I realized I'd be happier if it were a little longer.
So, I've ripped out the whole thing and am reknitting it, with allover stripes, to be longer in the body. There probably won't be progress photos though, because while I'm up for completely reknitting a nearly finished sweater, I'm too lazy and impatient to reskein and wash the yarn before I do so, so it's kinked from having been a sweater for a little while and the fabric will look like crap until the thing is blocked.

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