Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things that I love today

161. When someone with a Scottish accent says 'cooties.'
162. The whole Goya family of products: their deliciousness, ubiquity and cheapness.
163. The crossing guard I passed yesterday who was singing Jimmy Soul's If You Wanna Be Happy at the top of her lungs.
164. Sarah Haskins' Target Women segments. If she's new to you, start with the cleaning or yogurt segments and then watch ALL OF THEM. God, I love her.
165. Chocolate-covered toffee pistachios
166. The way adding a monkey makes a mundane plot awesome. To wit, from a review of Y: The Last Man I just edited: "Every Y chromosome is wiped from the Earth with the exception of just one man, Yorick Brown, and a monkey." Without the monkey, I'm bored senseless. With the monkey, however, I'm at least mildly intrigued.
167. Flirty IMs
168. Late-night phone calls
169. Implementing secret plans
170. Dogs named Pork Chop


Michelle said...

I got as far as "chocolate-covered toffee pistachios" and had to go lie down. Is this a Trader Joe's item?

Liz said...

My aunt and uncle had a dog named Pork Chop. Nice dog.

We had Lamb Chop the toodle, or perrier, if you prefer.

Heather said...

Thanks for this, I needed a list like this today! Will have to do my own now...

And happy birthday, to the best person I ever met on the internet. :-)