Sunday, December 21, 2008

For to keep my head warm

I made this somewhat odd hat yesterday:
I'd never done corrugated ribbing before and it's kind of neato. I don't think I did a particularly good job of it, but it's still good for the ol' neural pathways to try something new. And I like the vertical stripe effect. Then a simple stranded checkerboard-y pattern (so I'll have two layers over my ears) and stripes for the crown. I used up two random not-whole balls of yarn, both dk-weight wool. Very satisfying. And necessary, since I can't find any of my rather nice collection of handknit (and in some cases, handspun and hand-dyed) hats. That bucket hat I crocheted a few months ago is fine for walking to the subway but I needed something warmer for all of the snowshoeing and cross-country skiing and sledding! (man, I hope there's sledding!) I plan to do when I'm upstate for Christmas.


WandaWoman said...

Very cute hat!

Carolyn said...

i like the "somewhat odd" hat. i plan to steal it. be warned.