Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spectacle Spectacular the first

Liz and I put on our best spectacles last night for the first episode of Elvis Costello's new show, Spectacle. The plan is to make a dinner each week that is inspired by his guest(s). I have to confess that those aren't my official spectacles — they were my dad's when he was in high school, but they were such a good match that I had to bust them out.
Liz's groovy cat-eyes:The show is great, a fun combination of music and conversation. Elton John was on, talking primarily about his songwriting and some of his early influences, especially musicians like Laura Nyro and Leon Russell who may not be as well known. I've never really cared about Elton John one way or the other and actually thought he was kind of cheesy, truth be told, but I came away impressed. I like hearing creative people talking about their creative processes and he was thoughtful and appealingly self-deprecating. Check out what we made for dinner here.

Next week is going to be awesome: Lou Reed and Julian Schnabel.


Michelle said...

Haven't seen last night's yet, but have seen clips for Lou Reed and the one after, with Bill Clinton, and this show is awesome.

Of course, every time I see those posters in the subway stations my heart does a little flippy flip.

Ashley Word said...

You are way too pretty! You make pulling off those glasses look easy!