Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I do still knit.


One completed Just Enough Ruffles, in Malabrigo ... something. I want to say the color is called Pearl Ten? I love this pattern. It goes quickly and produces a scarf that frames the face in interesting, flattering ways. I'll do a modeled shot sometime when it isn't 97 degrees out. (WOE.) This was my first time knitting with Malabrigo and I completely get its rock-star status (knockout color range and super-soft), but I wouldn't want to knit anything larger than a scarf with it. Softly spun single-ply yarn = not long for this world. I require that my garments wear better than that. That said, I should have enough of the second ball left for a hat, which will be nice.

I got up to the armholes on the Twenty Ten Cardigan and divided for the fronts and back. So far, so good. I want to have it done to wear this fall, so I'm trying to crank it out. I'm knitting it exactly as written, except for frankensteining the sizing a bit: the lower part is the third size, but I'm doing extra decreases on the top and following directions for the second size for a closer fit through the upper back and shoulders, which will be a lot more flattering for me. If I'd been thinking ahead I would have done more side decreases on the body, but I didn't.

And a sneak peek at a secret project I should be in a position to reveal in a month or so:

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