Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To which I can only say amen

My girlcrush and birthday twin Maureen Johnson posted the following manifesto on her blog today. Or possibly last night. Either way, even though she devised the manifesto in reaction to people who use the internet only for person promotion, she might as well have titled it Why Stephanie Blogs.

"The internet is made of people. People matter. This includes you. Stop trying to sell everything about yourself to everyone. Don’t just hammer away and repeat and talk at people—talk TO people. It’s organic. Make stuff for the internet that matters to you, even if it seems stupid. Do it because it’s good and feels important. Put up more cat pictures. Make more songs. Show your doodles. Give things away and take things that are free. Look at what other people are doing, not to compete, imitate, or compare . . . but because you enjoy looking at the things other people make. Don’t shove yourself into that tiny, airless box called a brand—tiny, airless boxes are for trinkets and dead people."

Now go here and read the whole post.

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Curry said...

Thanks for that link. I enjoyed reading her manifesto.