Friday, June 4, 2010

Egg, meet face

Earlier this morning, I was responding to a comment from yesterday and noticed that the 'to' field was something like noreply-comment@...

'Huh,' I thought, 'that's weird.' And as I typed, I got to wondering if the program was protecting the commenter's identity but would pass the message along or if my response — and ZOMG all of the comments EVER — were just being shunted off to the virtual equivalent of a dead-letter office. Since the commenter is a real-life friend, I gchatted her and asked her to let me know when my response showed up. And it never did.

So, since it seems possible that no one who has commented here in the past has ever gotten my responses, please accept my heartfelt apologies. I love your comments! I love responding to your comments! I never thought it was weird that no one ever responded to my responses!

I'm going to go poke around the settings and the help section and see if I can figure out a way to fix this, but in the meantime I'm terribly sorry for my inadvertently appalling blog manners. And if anyone ever *did* get a response from my on a comment here, would you let me know? Thanks!


Elizabeth said...

Not your egg, not your face. I've a blogspot blog also and it took a while to figure out what gives with the no-reply email address. Basically what happens is that if your commenters don't choose to allow their email address to be seen, blogger slots in the No-reply address instead. There isn't anything I know of that the blog owner can do to change this - it's your commenter's problem. See for a tutorial.

Vanessa said...

Oh - is that why I never heard back from you when I commented ages ago? :) That's ok - I didn't take it to heart and still read & love your blog.