Friday, March 26, 2010

This weekend

I'll be:

—eating this particular dish as often as possible: soba noodles, sauteed greens with crushed red pepper, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and sesame oil, and a runny egg on top.
—going through my yarn stash, getting rid of anything I don't love passionately and/or have a specific and immediate plan for. I listed several large bags of yarn on the Materials for the Arts site, which maintains a database of art supplies and other items people want to donate. Nonprofits can browse the list and get in touch with the donors directly. Within a couple of days I was contacted by a very lovely woman who runs an after-school program in East Harlem and is going to come take it all away on Sunday. My donation includes all of the Cotton Classic I was using for that lace skirt I posted a few days ago. I got to the waistband last night, tried it on, and immediately starting unraveling it. It wasn't flattering at all and wouldn't have been comfortable in hot weather, the fabric was too heavy and thick. So: gone.

—working on another Just Enough Ruffles scarf for a friend's birthday. This is some laceweight mohair I've had for at least a decade. It's nice stuff, but needs to either be used or disposed of. The color isn't especially flattering on me, but it'll be gorgeous on the brown-eyed brunette it's bound for. Sadly, when I just went to find a website for the company that made the yarn, British Mohair Spinners, one of the top hits was for a site called Derelict Places on which some dude recounts being chased out of their abandoned mill by junkies.
—reading. My TBR pile has gotten really out of hand lately, but there's nothing on the table there that I *don't* want to read. I've just started listing books on Goodreads again after ignoring it for at least a year, so feel free to friend me if you're active there.


Cabbage said...

oh man, The Luxe... such an indulgence!

Gina said...

I just boiled some soba noodles for the week, and this is an excellent lunch idea. Thanks.