Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Off the wheel

The initial spinning of these three lovelies happened more than a decade ago and the skeined singles, two of the blackberry wool/mohair and one of that lovely, shiny Lincoln, had been hanging out in my stash since before I moved to New York. I had always sort of vaguely planned to use them for lace, but had no idea what kind of yardage I had and don't love working with single-ply yarns, mostly for durability reasons, but also because they can be kind of unpredictable, biasing and torquing at the slightest provocation.

I finally got around to plying them a few weeks ago and they're back in the stash now, sportweight/dk instead of lace/fingering, and with yardage calculated (280 for the blackberry, 192 for the Lincoln). I'm thinking mittens possibly, or a small scarf.

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