Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unfortunately, me

Ganked from Michelle, Google the phrase “Unfortunately, [your name]” and post the first 15 results.

1. Unfortunately, Stephanie you can't have both, although I can see how tempting it must be to want both.
2. Unfortunately, Stephanie was already engaged to the finest shot in all of France.
3. Unfortunately, Stephanie's love of reading does not replace her strong desire to have friends.
4. Unfortunately, Stephanie Meyer is being a big baby about it.
5. Unfortunately, Stephanie is quite the catch but Eugene is a bit of a nerd.
6. Unfortunately, Stephanie was a new employee at Fred Meyer and was ineligible for health benefits at the time of the accident.
7. Unfortunately, Stephanie later discovered that it was breast cancer.
8. Unfortunately, Stephanie was recently involved in a car accident, and many of the items used in the supper club were destroyed.
9. Unfortunately, Stephanie Naumoska's skinny appearance is very common.
10. Unfortunately, Stephanie did not bring her strongest material forward with her first release of the year.
11. Unfortunately, Stephanie did not have any hits in the U.S.A..
12. Unfortunately, Stephanie has a bad habit of leaping first and looking later, and it seems that she has leapt right into a very dangerous situation.
13. Unfortunately, Stephanie's version of the Dusty Springfield tune "'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me," failed to move the judges and the American public.
14. Unfortunately, Stephanie's website has been woefully neglected for the last 9 years.
15. Unfortunately, Stephanie became infected again and another surgery had to be performed to removed a synthetic mesh that caused the infection.

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Anna said...

boo. almost all of mine are references to anna kournikova.