Friday, April 10, 2009

Peep show

That right there is the first project completed by my friend EP, a two-color mistake-stitch rib scarf for her dad's 60th birthday. BOOYEAH. She practiced on some swatches first, then wanted to dive into a project that had a lot going on. Now, for her second project, she's rocking short rows. I do love a fearless spirit. I mean, it's yarn. What's the worst that could happen?

Speaking of a fearless spirit, the night I showed her how to bind off, we made some sad, sad homemade peeps. I had had such good luck making marshmallows over Christmas that I may have been a little cocky. "Marshmallows are easy!," I may have said. "And we are awesome at doing stuff!," EP may have responded.* How could that magical combination of circumstances produce anything less than fantastic? But I think the proportions were off in the recipe we used and it definitely didn't have us beat the mixture long enough. So the marshmallows were very dense and not fluffy and much, much stickier than I remembered, except on the outside where we needed them to be.

The one thing we had tremendous success at though was making colored sugar (mix a few drops of food coloring into some sugar):

And we were pretty successful at making a mess:
I actually still have marshmallow bits stuck to my watch.

But our peeps sort of ended up looking ... diseased. (Compare with this. Sigh.)
And you thought leprosy had been eradicated in the candy-animal population.

Happy Easter!

*I'm pretty sure that conversation never actually took place.

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