Friday, May 21, 2010

On the needles

So in the course of about a week, I got this much knit on Shannon Okey's lovely Rivulet cardigan.
Then I realized I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish it — it's my handspun, spun from some 50 wool/50 mohair I got ... somewhere ... at some time, so not possible to track down more — and ripped it out.

Then I cast on for another cardigan, this time one that's shorter and simpler, with no flare-y bits. It'll have a stockinette body with garter edges, some princess shaping and maybe a textured yoke.

But then I was going through the backlog in my Google Reader yesterday and saw Julia's post about what might be the cutest, summer-casual-but-still-good-for-work-and-also-in-the-fall-with-tights skirt ever. I bought the pattern immediately and went to the yarn store at lunch, where I picked out some Cotton Fine in Candy Apple. And then I went home and swatched and had to recalculate the pattern since I was getting 7.5 stitches to the inch instead of 6.5.
This is not going to be a rapidly completed project, but it will be a splendid, twirly creature when it's done. And it's lot of plain stockinette, which will be perfect for the four and half hours of Lost finale watching going on Sunday night.

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Martha said...

I love it! The gun-toting swirly skirt knitting woman. You rock.