Monday, November 23, 2009

Raglan wrap

I meant to blog about this last week and just ... didn't.
I finished and blocked all of the pieces of the body and sewed them up last weekend.
It looks a little odd laid out like this, especially without the collar, but I really like it on.
It's hard to see here — though you do get a feel for the apartment where I've been housesitting — but it's not quite finished finished yet -- still need to block the collar and sew snaps to the placket. I'm bringing it upstate with me for Thanksgiving and should have time to make a run to Jo-Ann for some large snaps, sew them on and block the whole thing. Then I'll take a decent picture or two.


Martha said...

And when you are upstate, get someone to take a nice photo of it!!! It looks great. I'm working on a raglan for Neil and am in the final stages This is good encouragement.

Anonymous said...

What I see is cute! The super finished pics will, I'm sure, be stunning. Have a good Thanksgiving.

好文 said...
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