Monday, May 4, 2009

Country mouse

This weekend, I went to visit friends in the country and had an altogether fabulous time.

I got to spend time with a couple of my favorite kids.
Including a Crazy! Dance! Party!

And plenty of time sitting around, doing what my mom calls "visiting" and I call "hanging out. with snacks."

I managed to skip stones successfully for the first (and second! and third!) time ever while we were all climbing around the rocks by the river.
I love this mill.

I picked some daffodils.

For the first time ever, I picked asparagus and ate it raw on the spot, all sweet and crunchy and tasting like sunshine.

And I came home happy and relaxed and inspired to cook more healthfully, be outside more and work on all kinds of projects.


Martha said...

I'm so jealous of your friend's asparagus. I planted some this spring. I paid extra for older plants and they came up thinner than size 5 knitting needles. Wah. It's probably going to be another 2 years before they are mature enough to harvest. LOVE that purple one! What a great color.

好文 said...
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