Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am agog.

Today's decree: From now on, whenever I speak, I would like to have someone beside me translating my words into DANCE.

via @FeliciaDay and @DaphneUn on Twitter.

I really like my own sign's song, which neatly sums up why I have this how-can-I-not-really-believe-in-astrology-when-I'm-SUCH-an-Aquarius? dilemma:
"At times I need my solitude, but mostly it's a passing mood
I'm never far from the bizarre, making friends with the fringe
Always ready with a helping hand
'Cause I am in love with humanity, it's just some people that I cannot stand..."


Michelle said...


that is all.

Juno said...

Its important that they put Aries FIRST. We like to lead the parade, you know......

Cynthia said...

Funny! I remember a rock show in a tiny bar in Chicago, about 20 years ago, where the opening act was a poet in his 50's, with his girlfriend accompanying him with interpretive dance. The self-consciously cool audience (me included) had NO IDEA what to make of it. In fact, this might be the same couple!

好文 said...
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